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To avoid thermal bridges, this part of the building should also be insulated professionally. Lower U-values wardrobe beds indicate better thermal performance, and will vary depending on the insulation material chosen. Some materials, such as ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation, offer U-values as low as 0.038 W/mK.

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  • The savings on the heat expenditure will be at approximate DKK 20,000 per year.
  • This is proven by measurements of different houses, built in different decades of the past century.
  • Using one radiator may create unwanted air circulation effects so in this volume or room it may be better to look at two radiator locations rather than one.
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  • Until 1994 you could still put a single glazed window in a house (u-value 4.8).

If it does, be sure this natural light penetrates the entryway fully. If your entryway doesn’t have direct natural light, take lighting matters into your own skilled hands. Opt for an interesting and beautiful lighting fixture overhead, or soft-wattage wall sconces nearby. Whatever you do, make sure that the area can be well-lit at any time of day or night.

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Triple glazing is also heavier so careful note must be taken of the weight of the glass units, especially when it is being specified in opening elements. Many framed glazing systems are not designed to hold a deeper glazing unit and therefore triple glazing cannot be used in them. Triple glazing units have an additional glass pane in them and another gas cavity. Using higher specification glazing and specialist coatings on the glazing can improve the Ug value of the glass . If your roof isn’t heavily battered or damaged, a total roof replacement may not be cost-efficient. If you can risk not recouping a large chunk of the cost, you can give it a go.

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This value is known as the ´R´ value, and represents thermal resistance, so in this case higher values indicate better resistance to heat loss. R-values, which measure thermal resistance rather than thermal transmission, are often described as being the reciprocal of U-values, however, R-values do not include surface heat transfers. Thermal bridges can create lower-temperature areas on windowsills which can draw water from the surrounding warmer air. Particularly in areas that are not regularly aired out, this can result in the formation of moulds. These might even migrate into the surrounding walls and potentially provide a significant health hazard for anyone living in the building.

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Vapour retarders are usually made of PVC foils used in conjunction with other thermal insulation elements installed in a roof. Wood has long been considered the best of all heat insulating materials for windows, though uPVC is considered to be its equivalent today, thanks to the use of special frame production and design methods. Modern uPVC frames are easily capable of reaching a u-value of 0,9 W/. Your assumption is a good rule of thumb, although for heating purposes one normally assumes that space heating is not required above 15.5C outside air temperature so it would be better to use this as a zero base. This is because other factors potentially come into play; solar gain, appliances giving off heat, even the number of people in the house.

Autoclaved aerated concrete is technically not a type of concrete, since the material is usually made from finely-ground steam-hardened sand. That being said, this particular type of concrete is relatively light and features a low density, making it an ideal material for interior or exterior walls. This means that the inner and outer parts of the wall have to be considered, as well as the insulating infill in between. Even outside plaster impacts u-value calculations, which is why special insulating plaster is available for interior walls as well as exterior ones.

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According to the EU outlines known as resource efficient Europe the real estate sector is expected to reduce CO emissions regarding energy demand with about 90 % by the year 2050. This requires very extensive volumes of thermal refurbishments; 3 % of the existing buildings annually. As the energy modernization volume today is close to 1 % we are accumulating a very extensive additional demand for the coming years; a nasty surprise for our youngest generation. Moisture in the material is another limitation in the application of the Meter. The evaporation requires energy, and a part of the heat loss is consumed during this evaporation process, resulting in lower measured U-values.