Art Pro Mpa Ii chatham fine dining Vs Art Mpa Gold?

The compression is very smooth, and brings out depth and dimensionality. Overall, this is a very nice sounding compressor with a couple of things you have to work around, but for the price point, I would most certainly recommend this compressor. I was a little skeptical with this unit before I bought it, as I was on a “bang-for-the-buck” budget. Ive heard the DBX units before and thought they were good but this one really caught my attention with the VU’s and control layout. When I got it, I was very impressed and pleased with it’s tone and character.

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  • I’ve been using the Pro MPA II for about a month now.
  • It sounds great and it is extremely easy to use.
  • Same full trace on the track – but the noise floor is ZERO.
  • So before giving up on the MPA II as a guitar preamp I bought a gain matched pair of Psvane 12AX7-S ECC82 Art Series tubes with the gold pins.
  • Interstate 4 and Interstate 275 cut across the city and intersect near downtown.
  • You will be surprised how dramatic the difference in sound is.

This man I am recording cannot be recorded without a compressor. Get your hands on some knobs and discover there is still no doubt that outboard gives a kind of love to a sound that plug-ins cannot. I’m not saying throw all your plug-ins away, I’m saying add this to your signal chain. ART PRO MPA II MIC PRE preamplifier TUBE 2 channel VGC TESTED #1. This is an ART PRO MPA II mic-pre Tube preamplifier in great looking and working condition, There will be signs of use or wears but good ” USED ” condition. ART PRO MPA II MIC PRE preamplifier TUBE 2 channel VGC TESTED #2.

Prochannel Ii Class

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So I am connecting MPA to my much better converter chatham fine dining through TRS connectors. Right away I was disappointed with the lack of ability to push ‘Vocals’. The meters are more for looks than practicality, if you push the signal over -10 db you start to lose headroom. The factory tube is per garbage, after about 3-4 months when on ‘high plate voltage’ it sounds like bacon in a frying pan. The variable impedance dramatically changes the character of any mic to match the desired crispness or roundness desired.

You plug your forward-facing mic into input 1 and your figure 8 into input 2 . The decoder then sums the in-phase signal from the bi-di with the Mid to create the left output and sums the out-of-phase signal from the bi-di with the Mid to create the right output. BTW, this is also how dual-channel pre’s like the True Audio P1 and consoles like Sony’s DMX-R100 (and virtually all M/S decoders) do so.

Channel Microphone Preamplifier

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I don’t think they are nearly as bad as some people think. I own both because I had bought the MPA II brand new (and I was happy with the stock tubes….until I heard the NOS tubes) and then an opportunity to snag a Gold for a deal came up, so I grabbed it. I’d wager that those that loved the Gold would equally love the MPA II if they had access to it. Sometimes, when a company slightly alters a product, people rush to buy the older version out of nostalgia, or fear that the new version “won’t be as good”.

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