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Andthe 1960s were an extraordinary window where sudden widespread use of psychoactive substances brought tremendous social change.An amount of social turbulence not seen in America in at least 100 years. Three days later, on April 19th 1943, Hoffman intentionally ingested 250 micrograms of LSD.He thought this was a very small dose, but because LSD is so concentrated, it was actually a very high dose. LSD takes an hour or more to kick in, so Hoffman didn’t feel the effects right away.After a while he felt nothing, so he began riding his bike home from work,as is normal in Switzerland. Needless to say, in the middle of the bike ride the hallucinogenic effects of LSD came on so strongly he couldn’t make it all the way. Albert Hoffman was a chemist working for a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland.

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  • And what does it mean that the foundational book of Western civilization, right at the beginning tells a story of humans finding and consuming a psychoactive plant?
  • Three days later, on April 19th 1943, Hoffman intentionally ingested 250 micrograms of LSD.He thought this was a very small dose, but because LSD is so concentrated, it was actually a very high dose.
  • To hunter-foragers enhanced vision would have been very useful, giving them an edge in spotting food and avoiding predators.
  • A common occurrence with psilocybin intoxication is spontaneous outbursts of poetry and other vocal activity such as speaking in tongues.
  • One is reminded of accounts of modern pygmies smoking marijuana before hunts.

We tend to rely on public ignorance and fears to drive the drug laws, which would be funny if it wasn’t for all the people in jail for no reason or dying in drug wars. McKenna does deserve applause for his positive vision and affirmation of the value of expansion of consciousness. He is a pleasure to read and preferable to the YouTube videos which filter his rather nasal, monotonous psychedelic guru voice into your living room.

Honestly, I’m pretty afraid of reading books about drugs after getting sober. But McKenna goes a little too far with his premise. For one, he is generous about the evolutionary advantages of hallucinogens. It may be true, as he asserts, that in small doses they help with visual acuity, while in large doses they help dissolve one’s ego and foster a sense of community. (Or it may not be true—plenty of early hominids who used hallucinogens were prone to violence.) The premise is still almost entirely unsubstantiated, to say nothing of the fact that humans are not the only consumers of hallucinogens. This one is no doubt one of my personal favourites, and i recomend it to every open-minded person.

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Then it does contain a history of the drugs and how modern humans use drugs in a consuming, dominator style . Before this, “drugs” were used in helping to connect with the world around us. It is only recently in our history that we consider drug culture “adverse to social values” and the book explains why.

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This innernet good news station is incorruptible as it can only be accessed by those whose 6th and 7th senses, and hence their pituitary and pineal glands, are open and tuned to the DOW power channel. As we have already mentioned, DOW power is, by its very essence, incorruptible. However, this suggestion brings in another interesting discussion and that is the perception of good and evil, wrong or right, corruptible and incorruptible. In a Tantra view all is perfect and all is borne from God and is one. In this reality people are Gods in forms, and as bio-systems of energy we are encoded with the same software programs that drive the Cosmic Computer called God. As we are creative Gods with free will neither the intelligent quantum and virtual fields nor the Cosmic Computer as the creator of all, cares what we create.

Will admit that this took the shine off the book for me but will not keep me from trying additional books by C. Rupert Wong may have been human once but mixing with Gods and demons and feeding their less than savoury appetites has made him something more…or less. It is a quirky journey through Southeast Asian and Western mythologies made real and set initially in a modern-day Kuala Lumpur. Rupert is an engaging character, flawed as he is, and you’re on his side from the start.

I recommend that the solo practice of the microcosmic orbit be done for 5 minutes daily as a morning ‘inner breakfast’ routine. The blending of the energies like this with the symbol of infinity pattern helps bring us into a more harmonious sharing state and opens our telepathic connection especially when we send the energy through the brow centre. It also allows us to be more sensitive and in tune with each other as well as opens the doors for both heart and brain orgasms. If we are to deify anybody – Gods, Gurus, Presidents or Saints – let it be because we recognize within them all a light, a love and a wisdom, plus a kind and compassionate heart. Let us love them by their deeds and we will unmistakably see when we look into their eyes, how lit up they are – and yet we can only recognize in another that which is in ourselves for the pure of heart can always be recognized by their inner light. Yes it’s true that a little Bhakti yoga would go a long way in our world and that devotion to our DOW is easy when we experience Its gifts.

The niavity of the scientists and the fervor with which they pursue their work is alternately funny and terrifying. I had more ‘Ah-ha’ moments in this hundred year old book than anything contemporary I have read in a long time. Aside from horse-and-carriages, perambulators, and lack of phones, this has a very modern feel to it. It’s a little awkward by todays standards, but considering that it was published nearly 120 years ago it’s a remarkable piece of prophetic fantastic fiction. Early on I was surprised by the amount of humor the author used in his rollout of the plot.

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Book III begins with a chapter entitled “The Altered World” that dramatizes how life has changed by portraying the shocked reaction of a Rip van Winkle-like character released from prison after being incarcerated for 20 years. British society has learned to cope with occasional outbreaks of giant pests (mosquitoes, spiders, rats, etc.), but the coming to maturity of the giant children brings a reactionary politician, Caterham, into power. Caterham has been promoting a program to destroy the Food of the Gods and hinting that he will suppress the giants, and now begins to execute his plan.

I sincerely hope, that every reader will understand it correctly, yet i understand that this is impossible. Whenever you would like to discuss the book, i would like to join the discussion. In building a case for the harms of “drugs,” he propagates the same kind of misinformation that he decries when government agencies employ it against his preferred substances. For instance, he repeatedly claims that crack cocaine is more addictive and therefore more dangerous than powder cocaine, but as Dr. Carl Hart demonstrates in his book, this is not true. I can handle crackpot theories if they’re interesting enough to contemplate, which McKenna’s are. But what I can’t handle is his constant, tiresome moralizing.