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Drug Abuse & Addiction: Effects on Brain, Risk Factors, Signs

Contents Preventing drug misuse in children and teenagers What are treatments for drug addiction? Helping a Friend With Addiction What Are Substance Abuse and Addiction? This certainly takes a toll over the years and can cause people to reach for alcohol or drugs to contend with the feelings of being on edge all the time. […]

Life After Addiction: How to Crreate a New Life in Addiction Recovery

Content Common medications used to treat drug addiction and withdrawal The Elements of Successful Relationships Building New Social Circles How is substance use disorder diagnosed? What Is Rehab Aftercare? How common is substance use disorder? Rehab Aftercare Programs at Sunrise House Various treatment options are available to help you or your loved one with addiction […]

Alcoholism and Its Relation to Hypoglycemia An Overview

Contents Legal Conditions and Terms Join My 10-Day Alcohol Freedom Challenge Diabetic hypoglycemia Alcohol, sport and hypoglycyemia How do I treat low blood glucose? Alcohol Metabolism, Gluconeogenesis & NAD+/NADH Ratio Alcoholism and diabetes may then occur in the same person at the same time. Insulin is a hormone that helps to convert glucose into energy […]

The Benefits of Short-Term Intensive Psychotherapy

Contents How Intensive Short-term Cognitive Behavioral and Exposure Psychotherapy Can Treat OCD Intensive Outpatient Therapy For Depression And Anxiety Help The Benefits of Short-Term Intensive Psychotherapy Other Programs What Does the IMOT Program & Schedule Look Like? This brief call will be used to explain the difference between Intensive therapy and more traditionally paced counseling. […]